[Interest] Could NOT find Qt6WebSockets trying to compile Qt 6.2.6 (Ubuntu 22.04)

Stefan Seefeld stefan at seefeld.name
Sun Jan 8 23:57:42 CET 2023

I'm trying to compile Qt 6.2.6 from source (using the
source package) following instructions from
https://doc.qt.io/qt-6.2/build-sources.html, and I get the following error:

-- Could NOT find Qt6WebSockets (missing: Qt6WebSockets_DIR)
> CMake Warning at
> /home/user/srcdir/qt-build/build/qtbase/lib/cmake/Qt6/Qt6Config.cmake:263
> (message):
>  Failed to find Qt component "WebSockets".
>  Expected Config file at
>  "/home/user/srcdir/qt-build/build/qtbase/lib/cmake/Qt6WebSockets/Qt6WebSocketsConfig.cmake"
>  does NOT exist

Configuring again with the additional option `-skip qtwebsockets` then lets
me compile Qt, but ultimately yields this error:

lrelease error: cannot create
> '/home/user/srcdir/qt-build/build/qtbase/share/qt6/translations/qtwebsockets_en.qm':
> No such file
> or directory

Any idea what the problem is ?


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