[Interest] What is the right way of creating a static lib that has qml resources with cmake?

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann at qt.io
Thu Jan 12 09:36:01 CET 2023

If you state STATIC in qt_add_qml_module (without a qt_add_library or 
similar that makes it dynamic) and then it builds a dynamic library, 
that's a bug. Please file a report at https://bugreports.qt-project.org 
with a minimal reproducer and state the version of Qt you are using.

If it does build a static library but the library doesn't contain 
qInitResources, that's on purpose. You need to do the plugin linking 
dance which uses additional .o files ("object library" in CMake lingo) 
to pull in the resource initialization. That's because linkers 
"optimize" the resources out if you don't. We can't do much about this.

See also https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/qt-import-qml-plugins.html and 

best regards,

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