[Interest] QProcess unbuffered

Scott Bloom scott at towel42.com
Mon Mar 6 04:02:44 CET 2023

On Sunday, 5 March 2023 17:11:13 PST Scott Bloom wrote:
> I have an external executable (mkvalidator from 
> https://www.matroska.org/downloads/mkvalidator.html
> It never flushes the output, and it uses linefeed without carriage 
> returns to overwrite existing text on the output.

You've described the standard for Unix processes. There's no carriage return and stdout is fully buffered when not connected to a terminal.

> The problem is, when I run it via QProcess (on windows, Qt 5.15.10), I 
> get zero output until the process ends.  As if it was buffered, and 
> the output was finally flushed
> When running from the command line, I do get output continuously 
> during the processing.
> I setup a timer to waitForRead, didn't do anything. I cant seem to 
> force the QProcess to read all stdout or stderror info.

You don't need a timer on waitForRead because you have the readyRead() signal.

Anyway, the problem is that your process is not writing. It's buffering its output until later. This is not a QProcess problem; you must force the child process to write.

Many programs that do this type of interaction have a command-line option to switch back to line-buffered. For those that don't, you can use the /usr/bin/ stdbuf tool to change the buffering semantics, but I don't know how it works, just that it does on Linux, so it may not on Windows.

Since you're on Windows and this application is not part of Windows itself, it stands to reason you're compiling it yourself and distributing with your application. So just modify it to be line-buffered.

Unfortunately no, I am not building it myself.  Its built by a third party and distributed via mkvtoolsnix distro world on windows.

Ill take a look at try to find a switch, but its unlikely they have it


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