[Interest] Qt3D Fit in view

Sean Murphy Sean.M.Murphy at us.kbr.com
Thu Mar 9 23:00:44 CET 2023

I'm trying out the Qt 3D classes for the first time and am in need of a couple pointers.
At a high level, I have the following:
- 1 view, 1 scene, 1 camera, and 1 QOrbitCameraController
  - in the scene, I create 7 entities, each a child of the root entity
    - each of the entities contains a mesh that is sourced from a
      corresponding .obj file

Then my main window contains 7 radio buttons to toggle which entity is visible at any
given time. The radio buttons are mutually exclusive, so the goal is that only one entity
is visible at any time. I'm having two main issues with the setup so far:

Issue 1: QEntity::setEnabled(false) doesn't seem to make the entity invisible
  Each radio button is connected to a corresponding slot which just does the following:

    void MainWindow::slotEntity1Toggled(bool checked)
      qDebug() << __FUNCTION__ << checked;
      Entity1 ->setEnabled(checked);

  When the button becomes enabled (checked == true) the entity does in fact become
  visible. But when the button is disabled (checked == false), the entity is still
  visible in the view. If at that point I resize the application (and therefore the
  view) then the old entity disappears. It appears I need the 3D version of a
  repaint(), but so far I haven't found where that is (or even which class I should be
  looking at). I did try explicitly calling repaint() on the QWidget that holds the
  view, but that didn't force the 3D scene to re-render, so far I've only been able
  to get it to redraw by resizing the widget.

  From the qDebug() statement in there, I can see that this slot is getting called
  as expected. Every time it's called with "true" the entity changes from
  invisible->visible without requiring any window resizing. But every time this function
  is called with "false", I have to resize the window to get the entity to disappear

Issue 2: Is there any sort of "fit in view" functionality for 3D views?

  Since I'm only allowing the user to display one entity at a time, I'd like to be
  able to automatically set the camera settings to zoom as needed to fit the entire
  entity within the view, so the user doesn't have to manually zoom in/out as they
  switch between entities.

  I've used the 2D classes QGraphicsView & QGraphicsScene fairly extensively and I'm
  used to using QGraphicsView::fitInView(QGraphicsItem*) and have the QGraphicsView set
  the transform needed to fit that item within the view. I was hoping that Qt 3D has
  something similar, but so far I haven't stumbled across it. I don't know enough about
  the Qt 3D classes yet to know if there's some easy way to compute the correct transform
  required to set this up?

  The .obj files I'm playing around with have VASTLY different scale factors so a
  camera setting for one entity often doesn't work well for another.

Other pertinent information:
 - Using Qt 5.15.2, but could switch to Qt 6 if required.
 - I would prefer to stick with QWidget & C++, not QML
 - I'm extremely new to Qt 3D, OpenGL, etc. so go ahead and make the assumption that
   I know nothing about anything in that realm. It's an accurate assumption, and I won't
   be offended!


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