[Interest] QSslCertificate issues on FreeBSD

Alexey Rochev equeim at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 01:44:43 CET 2023


I'm currently trying to add FreeBSD to my app's CI configuration and for
some reason my tests fail due to QSslCertificate::operator==() returning
false. More specifically, I compare a QSslCertificate loaded from PEM file
and one returned from server (as extracted from QSslError). They are
supposed to be the same, but their comparison returns false. Even more
mysteriously, despite  operator==() returning false,
QSslCertificate::toPem() and QSslCertificate::toText() return exactly the
same strings for both of them. This happens both with Qt 5.15.7 and 6.4.2.

I don't know whether there is an issue with my FreeBSD install (I haven't
used it before) or somewhere else and would appreciate any help with this.
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