[Localization] Hello? I am willing to fix some translations. FR "About" in MAC_APPLICATION_MENU, QPlatformTheme

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Wed Aug 20 23:28:41 CEST 2014

Hello, is this mailing list dead?

I posted here earlier about possible problems in French and Portuguese 

For example, in the latest 
gitorious:qt/qttranslations/translations/qt_fr.ts, the translations for 
"About" in the "MAC_APPLICATION_MENU" context seems OK when viewed in 
the browser, but is garbled when viewed on an actual Mac or when you 
view the 'raw blob' at the gitorious page.  (I am curious about how the 
translation got in this state, but I definitely think it is broken.)

Also, the qt_fr.ts does not seem to have been refreshed (using lupdate) 
recently, and is missing the context "QPlatformTheme" which holds the 
texts for 'standard buttons' such as cancel (as I recall, as noted in a 
QTBUG tracker?) and for which there are recent commits to the source 
code containing the user-facing strings needing translating.

I will need to fix these translations for myself, so I am willing to 
contribute.  But the wiki says to coordinate such work on this mail list.
If someone responds here, I might try.  I have read the wiki 
(localizations) and think I am capable of following the official process 
using gerrit.

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