[Localization] Add Greek translation qt_el.ts

Oswald Buddenhagen oswald.buddenhagen at theqtcompany.com
Mon Dec 15 15:47:13 CET 2014

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 03:38:25PM +0100, Dimitrios Glentadakis wrote:
> The qt_untranslated.ts contains only this:
> ftp://ftp.qt-project.org/qt/l10n/qt5-stable/qt_untranslated.ts
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
> <TS version="2.0" language="">
>     <dependencies>
>         <dependency catalog="qtbase_"/>
>         <dependency catalog="qtscript_"/>
>         <dependency catalog="qtquick1_"/>
>         <dependency catalog="qtmultimedia_"/>
>         <dependency catalog="qtxmlpatterns_"/>
>     </dependencies>
> </TS>
just add the missing 'el' in the language and catalog attributes, and
you are done with that file.

as i said, the first file you'll likely create is qtbase_el.ts.

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