[Localization] Linguist defaults to specific country on new files

scootergrisen scootergrisen at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 02:43:27 CET 2016

Maybe not the right list but here goes.

If i open new TS files in Linguist (without language attribute in TS 
tag) i gets asked to select language and country for that file.

Thats fine if i want to use the default settings (Danish + Denmark in my 

That gives language="da_DK"

But suppose if i would prefer to use language="da" then i select Danish 
+ Any Country.

That fine for that one file.
But for the next new file i have to do the same again.

So maybe it would be nice for some kind of "Preferred Country" option or 
some settings so i don't have to set it for each file, or maybe 
"Remember this setting" checkbox or something like that.

Also its not clear in Linguist what language + country the file is 
using. That would be good to have on the status bar i think.
It might say "Danish/Denmark" or "da_DK" or whatever and maybe you could 
even click it to change language/country quickly.

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