[Localization] Submitting translations

Fòram na Gàidhlig fios at foramnagaidhlig.net
Thu Apr 20 13:10:33 CEST 2017

Sgrìobh Oswald Buddenhagen na leanas 13/04/2017 aig 14:52:
> On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 02:28:37PM +0200, Fòram na Gàidhlig wrote:
>> There are no instructions on how to accept the CLA without configuring
>> an ssh key though.
> why do you think you need to configure an ssh key to accept the CLA?

Because clicking through the signup process led me to the bit with the
SH key before leading me to the CLA. I interrupted the process there
because I need to get to my Linux box for the SHH key thing.

Sgrìobh Oswald Buddenhagen na leanas 13/04/2017 aig 15:04:
> On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 03:19:03PM +0200, Fòram na Gàidhlig wrote:
>> I have finished my translation of qtbase 5.6 and now would like to do
>> the same for version 5.8, without having to click through a bazillion
>> entries. So, I'm looking for the Qt equivalent for msgmerge, which seems
>> to be lconvert.
> the easiest way is to have the translation integrated into the lower
> branch, and then just wait a few days for it being forward-merged. when
> that happens, you update the template in the higher branch (or get the
> one from the website) and continue from there. there should be no
> clicking required where nothing changed.
> it's *really* not recommended to work on two versions simultaneously. it
> would be a nightmare to review, and to process the feedback.

OK, will do.

>> I have downloaded the 5.8 release from the Qt homepage and installed it
>> on Linux Mint. No lconvert.
> lconvert and lupdate are usually part of the qt linguist package. but
> given that you need to ask these questions, it's likely that you should
> stick with the provided templates.

I am struggling a bit with finding information on the homepage, as you
might have guessed. For example, the only reason I figured out how to
get QLinguist for Windows was a forum post by somebody having the same
question. Trying to search the web for information on where to get
lconvert or lupdate is a waste of time, so I had to resort to asking. If
it is documented on the QT homepage, it's not any place that it's easy
to find for the uninitiated.

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