[Localization] {1 %} appears in the translation strings

scootergrisen scootergrisen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 13:38:44 CEST 2018

Den 04-07-2018 kl. 09:29 skrev Riitta-Leena Miettinen:
> Hello,
> Those are placeholders for text, such as filenames, that is 
> automatically inserted by the application when the application is 
> running. You cannot get rid of them, and you should actually always try 
> to figure out what will appear in their place, so that you can put them 
> in the correct place in your translated text.

I meant:
" {1.?}"
" {1 ?}"

Like when i submit translation file for Qt Creator 4.6 they dont contain 
it but then when i download the file from 
http://l10n-files.qt.io/l10n-files/ " {1.?}" and " {1 ?}" have been 
added to the end of two translated strings. The source string does not 
contain them:

         <location line="+376"/>
         <source>%1 in line %2</source>
         <translation type="unfinished">%1 på linje %2 {1 ?}</translation>

         <location line="+7"/>
         <source>The minimum Qt version required for Gradle build to 
work is %1. It is recommended to install the latest Qt version.</source>
         <translation type="unfinished">Den minimum krævet Qt version 
for at Gradle-byg skal kunne virke er %2. Det anbefales at installere 
den seneste Qt version. {1.?}</translation>

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