[Localization] Missing entries from qtbase_untranslated.ts ?

Kai Köhne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Thu Mar 19 08:30:11 CET 2020

Hi Albert,

Sorry for taking so long to come back to this. There was indeed an error in the generator scripts for the .ts files, but this should be fixed now.


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Subject: [Localization] Missing entries from qtbase_untranslated.ts ?

If i download http://l10n-files.qt.io/l10n-files/qt5-stable/qtbase_untranslated.ts it doesn't seem to contain this string

src/corelib/tools/qcommandlineparser.cpp:443:                << QStringLiteral("help"), tr("Displays help on commandline options."));

Any idea why?


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