[Localization] Dear Qt Team, I would like to contribute the translation of "Chinese (Taiwan)" to Qt/QtCreator.

Haowei Hsu hwhsu1231 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 13:23:19 CET 2023

Excuse me, Eike.

I need some help and instructions.

I have basically completed the relevant setups mentioned in the following

   - Setting up Gerrit - Qt Wiki
   - Qt Contribution Guidelines - Qt Wiki

The steps I have completed are:

   1. Create a Qt account
   2. Setup the Gerrit account
   3. Git Clone the source code from
   4. Setup Gerrit git remote
   5. Setup git hooks by copying commit-msg
   <https://codereview.qt-project.org/tools/hooks/commit-msg> into
   *.git/hooks* directory

In addition, to facilitate the commit of changes, I have installed and
configured the VSCode extension VSCode-Gerrit
And it seems that this extension has *successfully* connected to the Qt
Gerrit Git remote.The following is the screenshot:

[image: image.png]

There is an issue that I posted in Qt Bug Tracker before: QTCREATORBUG-27422
*And I want to commit a change to close it.*
The followings are the steps that I've done in the local currently:

   1. Replace all the string *"除錯"* by the string *"偵錯"* in
   *qtcreator_zh_TW.ts* of *10.0* branch
   2. Stage the modification that I did (not yet commit to the local repo)

What should I do next?
What commit messages should I write in this commit?
What should I do to push the commit into the Gerrit remote?
If possible, I want to use VSCode-Gerrit to do so.

Since this is my first commit to the Qt Project, I don't want to mess up
Can you tell me what should I do to complete the rest of the work?
Thank you.
Haowei Hsu

Haowei Hsu <hwhsu1231 at gmail.com> 於 2023年3月14日 週二 下午7:32寫道:

> Got it, thanks!
> Eike Ziller <Eike.Ziller at qt.io> 於 2023年3月7日 週二 下午6:04寫道:
>> Hi,
>> I've attached the updated zh_TW .ts file for Qt Creator 10.0.
>> Please work on that, and then put the result up on gerrit for Qt
>> Creator's 10.0 branch. (If you need help with that, feel free to ask me or
>> the mailing list.)
>> Br, Eike
>> > Am 08/02/2023 um 04:09 schrieb Haowei Hsu <hwhsu1231 at gmail.com>:
>> >
>> > Dear Qt Team,
>> >
>> > I would like to contribute the translation of "Chinese (Taiwan)" to
>> Qt/QtCreator.
>> >
>> > After reading this article of Qt Wiki,
>> >     • I tried to register in the webpage linked by Localization Info
>> Page (qt-project.org). But I haven't received any response from it since
>> 2023/01/24. What do I miss?
>> > <image.png>
>> >     • There is a Transifex project provided by Qt. I also joined the
>> team and contributed some "zh_TW" translations there. How do I see whether
>> the modifications are applied?
>> > <image.png>
>> >     • Should I commit the translation to the repository directly? Or
>> should I submit to the Transifex of Qt?
>> > qtcreator_zh_TW.ts\translations\qtcreator\share -
>> qt-creator/qt-creator.git - A cross-platform Qt IDE
>> >
>> > Since Qt Localization - Qt Wiki tells me that:
>> >
>> > Please talk with us before you start - otherwise you may end up
>> duplicating work, translating a dead or highly unstable branch, etc. We've
>> seen it before.
>> >
>> > I don't know who I should contact, so I send this email to all the
>> members listed in the following link, including
>> localization at qt-project.org:
>> >     •
>> > Members · Gerrit Code Review (qt-project.org)
>> >
>> > Can someone tell me what should I do to contribute the "Chinese
>> (Taiwan)"  translation to Qt/QtCreator?
>> >
>> > Sincerely.
>> > ---
>> > Haowei Hsu
>> --
>> Eike Ziller
>> Principal Software Engineer
>> The Qt Company GmbH
>> Erich-Thilo-Straße 10
>> D-12489 Berlin
>> eike.ziller at qt.io
>> http://qt.io
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>> Juha Varelius, Jouni Lintunen
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