[PySide] PySide is Dead?

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Ain’t it obvious? We need to motivate these completely demotivated original developers.  They are the best men for the job - for obvious reasons. Pay them to fix most critical bugs – lifecycle etc. Yes, it would be nice if some company (Digia?) just hired them Nokia-style, and solve the problem in the long term, but that’s highly unlikely. So maybe we should set up a foundation with PayPal account and just crowd-fund the damn thing?  Yes, the crowd is not that large at the moment, but still… Or maybe a developer’s personal PayPal account would do? Mr. Hugo, sir, how much for the solution of lifecycle problems? Mr. Laco, how much for the Win64 builds? Maybe we will just solve this problem by throwing money at it.



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Thoughts on what is needed to help spur the process? How do we start to gather that community together? Is there interest in something like a Birds of a Feather meeting at PyConn to get interested parties together?


- Stephan

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