[PySide] Why do you choose PySide?

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On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 5:32 AM, ZHONG Zhu
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>  Hi All,
> An interesting idea came to my mind yesterday that I’d like to know why
> people choose PySide.
> I’ll start from myself first. I use Qt (C++) in my daily work for years.
> Reasons why I’d like to use PySide:
>    1. LGPL
>    2. Fast prototype my ideas, which will be later implemented in Qt (C++
>    version)
>    3. Use it to learn Python language
Awesome project management until CEO from MicroSoft killed Nokia and it
seized financing. Now that it became Qt Project, it is kind of painful to
watch how Jira and other rigid structures are badly fit for development.
Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that work without paying royalties.
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