[PySide] Shiboken - Documentation support when binding a C++ library

John Cummings jcummings2 at users.sf.net
Fri Jun 1 22:36:16 CEST 2012

On 06/01/2012 03:09 PM, John Cummings wrote:
> I second this request for information about docstrings. Like Yann, I have
> libxml2 and libxslt installed and I left DISABLE_DOCSTRINGS set to OFF. I also
> have sphinx installed, which I think may be necessary for the docstrings to
> work.
> I did see that the sphinxtabletest has been commented out in the
> shiboken/tests/CMakeLists.txt file. I managed to get to compile and run
> successfully by compiling in all the files from the generator CMakeLists.txt
> except for main.cpp.The working test makes me think my sphinx setup is correct.
> I could understand my doxygen strings not working but the "<insert-
> documentation>" tags from pyside itself working.
> So, what are Yann and I missing?
> For what it is worth, I am on 64-bit Linux with gcc 4.6.2.
> Thank you
> John Cummings

Hmm, the last part of my message got garbled. Let me try that again.

I meant to say that the even strings in the "<insert-documentation>" tags in 
pyside itself are not showing up as docstrings. I assume that those worked at 
some point in the past or the "<insert-documentation> tag would not exist. Is 
this a bug or are we missing something?

John Cummings

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