[PySide] QThread crash before emitting finished signal

William Dias william.dias at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 09:59:56 CEST 2012


I have a subclass of QThread which uploads pictures to a webserver. For
each new picture created in the main thread, the program spawns a new
thread to handle the job. I've override the __init__ method to be able to
pass some parameters to the thread object, as you can see bellow.

class PhotoConnection(QThread):
> photoStatus = Signal(str, str)

def __init__(self, tags, filename, parent=None):
> QThread.__init__(self, parent)
> self.tags = tags
> self.filename = filename

def run(self):
> status = sendPhoto(self.tags, self.filename)
> self.photoStatus.emit(self.filename, status)

In the GUI thread, the method responsible dor creating the threads is the

def sendPhoto(self):
> photoConnection = PhotoConnection(self.tags_to_string, self.filename, self)
> photoConnection.photoStatus.connect(self.photoStatus)
> photoConnection.finished.connect(self.threadFinished)
> photoConnection.start()

In the PhotoConnection, if I don't set the parent of my Qthread object to
self (for example, if I set to None) or if I don't override the __init__
method and create another method to pass the arguments, when the thread
finishes the execution I got a segfault.
Why is this happening? Can you help me?

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