[PySide] Invalid cast

John Cummings jcummings2 at users.sf.net
Fri Jun 8 20:09:49 CEST 2012

I'm not sure what to do with this knowledge nor I am precisely sure of the 
issue. I was hoping others on the list would know the code better than I.

While finding the cause of what became issue PYSIDE-80 (shiboken cannot handle 
"extern" variables in a namespace), I came across an invalid cast of a TypeEntry 
to a PrimitiveTypeEntry. Other than this one case, all casts of a TypeEntry to a 
PrimitiveTypeEntry are preceded by a call to TypeEntry::isPrimitive.

In ShibokenGenerator::converterObject, checks are done on the type. However, the 
logic is slightly flawed. The code goes as follows:

1. Is it a CppPrimitive? If yes, then return the conversion. Otherwise continue. 
Note that this check does call TypeEntry::isPrimitive but only to make sure the 
object is not a CppPrimitive.

2. Is it a wrapper or enum or flag? Yes, then return the conversion. Otherwise 

3. Assume it is a primitive type and cast it appropriately

The problem is, you really need to check TypeEntry::isPrimitive() before doing 
that cast. I'm just not sure what to return if it comes back false. I also 
struggle because it appears that all my test cases that led to the invalid cast 
are manifestations of PYSIDE-80.

I'd be glad to submit a patch via gerrit if I new the correct conversion string 
to return.

John Cummings

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