[PySide] Proposal for "Visual tool to fast edit type system files" -- a Pyside idea

higery shoulderhigher at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:41:57 CEST 2012

> If it will be a visual tool for PySide, it should be in Python/Qt. So
> I would investigate which Python/Qt components/widgets will allow to
> build such tool in non-Eclipse environment. Then provide a detailed
> list of features that this tool should provide:
> 1. List of exportable symbols from the given C/C++ lib
> 2. Wrapper suggestions for exportable symbols
>  2.1 Propose several ways to wrap exportable
>  2.2 Make heuristics pluggable/extendible in Python
> 3. Compare list of exportable symbols with current schema
>  3.1 Investigate possibility of tree compare if imported lib contains
> nested structures
> 4. Detect wrapper errors and security issues
>  4.1 Make heuristics pluggable/extendible
> 5. Provide report to summarize export completeness, e.g.:
>    "Exported: XX  Converted: YY  Skipped: ZZ Unhandled: .."
Now I prefer hugo's idea - implement a command line tool first, but at the
same time,
you are very right, I think it should cover the most of these features you
listed above.

I plan to use Python to implement such tool first, and after it is
implemented in a
good status, we can try to use Qt UI wigdets to implement such Visual tool
will encapsulate the command line tool.

> In the perfect word source code, documentation and test are delivered
> weekly. =)
OK. It maybe added in my weekly plan.

Best regards,
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