[PySide] Proposal for "Visual tool to fast edit type system files" -- a Pyside idea

Stefan Champailler schampailler at skynet.be
Sat Mar 31 17:41:00 CEST 2012

This in an interesting proposal.

But, for having had to have a look inside Shiboken and all that stuff, 
I'd say what's missing most is documentation. There's a lot of it, but a 
walkthrough, from beginning to end would be very nice. For example, the 
ownership stuff is not crystal clear, there are a lot of corner cases 
which, I felt, are not documented enough for people like me who :
- are pretty fluent in programming Python and C++
- but are not familiar with the way the bindings work between Python and C++

I know documentation is not the funniest part but that would really help 
people like me, outside the PySide core team, to be able to be 
autonomous without having to work/read for days before understanding a 
bit of what is happening...

I hope I don't sound too harsh, that's not my point, I use PySide a lot 
now and as a product it is really good and reliable. It's just that when 
I meet a bug it's very hard to dive into the Shiboken code and get a 
grasp of what's happening. Especially when one knows that it is not that 

So the tool would be nice, but it has to make the inner workings of the 
binding tools very clear. So I see that tool has something to help me to 
more easily understand and fix PySide.

(and again I love PySide :) I'm very grateful of having such a tool for 


On 03/27/2012 05:24 PM, higery wrote:
> The following is my GSOC2012 proposal although in a very preliminary way, I
> will
> appreciate anyone can make some suggestions about this proposal.

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