[PySide] Questions about Pyside Assistant

Andy Frances af.stackless at gmail.com
Sun May 27 21:25:37 CEST 2012

  Hi Folks:

I am new to N9 development. I am using Pyside Assistant to run the Pyside
Mobility sample application showcoordinates.py. This is a simple console
Python application. However I need aegis to give it permission. I have a
few conceptual problems.

  1) When I generate a showcoordinates direction with psa init, I get a
  showcoordinate template. Do I replace it with my copy of

  2) What does my setup.py file look like? I am also new to setup.py.

  3) Does the application get a default application icon (the generated
   imply this)?

  4) Should the application be placed in /opt? (right now it is going in the
  same directory as where it resides on my host machine!)

  Any help would be appreciated.

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