[PySide] cmake OS X setup.py pyside-tools

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Nov 22 00:08:09 CET 2012

Hi again,

while testing Matt's setup.py on a standard Qt 4.8.3 install
(which works great on a fresh Mountain Lion), I encountered
another quirk:

When building with a used developer machine (a pyside 1.1.0 was still
lingering around in the system Python), this happens:

After building for a long time, pyside-tools gets compiled, and that
crashes, because cmake now finds pyside 1.1.0 .

I compared the CMakeCache.txt files to find that out.
The reason is simple:
The macro CMakeLists.txt simply checks

     find_package(PySide 1.0.6 REQUIRED)

which is not a really good idea:
After building pyside correctly, this is also the pyside that we
want to build pyside-tools for, not anything that happens to be
installed elsewhere.

I'm wondering how this should be fixed:
In the case of building pyside-tools right after pyside, things are
clear: the built version should be used.

But in the general case (building pyside-tools alone, it gets
more tricky. It is not neccessarily the same python that builds
as the one that installs, right?

Do you think it would be sufficient to patch pyside-tools/CMakeLists.txt
simply to require the exact version that was just built, or that is
installed in site-packages?

What would be "the right thing (TM)" ?

cheers - chris

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