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Sean Fisk sean at seanfisk.com
Sat Apr 6 23:51:28 CEST 2013

Hello everyone, 

I want to embed some images and fonts in my PySide program using Qt's resource system. I've used it very successfully in C++. However, I'm having some trouble getting resource files to work with PySide. The resource files seem to compile it all right, but I can't read my files in my program.

I've created a minimum example to illustrate the problem:

#!/usr/bin/env python # test.py import PySide from PySide import QtCore import resources # Versions print 'Running PySide {0} / Qt {1}'.format( PySide.__version__, QtCore.__version__) print 'PySide compiled with Qt {0}'.format(QtCore.qVersion()) # Read resource test_txt = QtCore.QFile(':/test.txt') print 'Does it exist?: {0}'.format(test_txt.exists()) print "readAll(): `{0}'".format(test_txt.readAll())

<RCC> <qresource prefix="/"> <file>test.txt</file> </qresource> </RCC>

This is just a test.
Compile the resource file and then run:
$ pyside-rcc resources.qrc -o resources.py $ python test.py Running PySide 1.1.2 / Qt 4.8.4 PySide compiled with Qt 4.8.4 Does it exist?: True readAll(): `'

Interestingly, if I change the readAll() call to readLine(), the program segfaults. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd be open to other ways to distribute fonts and images with my program as well.


Sean Fisk

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