[PySide] PySide for Android & comprehensive build and usage guide

Martin Kolman martin.kolman at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 17:02:36 CET 2013

I would like announce that I've managed to build Shiboken & PySide 
against the latest Necessitas Qt libraries for Android.
I've also found found a way to bundle all the necessary libraries to 
single standalone Android APK package.

This basically means, that it is now possible to write Python & PySide 
applications that can be installed from standalone APK packages to 
non-rooted user devices, just like any other Android application.
While I haven't tried that yet, it should be also possible to submit 
them to Google Play and other online Android application 

Build & usage guide
I've written this comprehensive Pyside for Android guide:

The guide covers & contains:
* building PySide for Android from source
* description of how the PySide port & packaging works on Android
* an example Python & PySide & Qt Components application in the form of 
an installable standalone APK
* an example project for the Necessitas Qt Creator + instructions how to 
modify it to generate APKs for custom applications
* links to source code
* links to pre-built binaries

These screenshots show the example application after it is installed & 
started on an android device (HP Touchpad with CM9 in this case).
The example application uses MeeGo Qt Components, which are also bundled 
together with a cut-down theme and the other libraries (Python & PySide) 
in the APK.

Looking forward to your feedback ! :)

This project is building on the awesome work done previously by others. 
I basically "just" put the puzzle together. :)

* Thomas Perl - showed that PySide for Android is possible
* Ssortagem at Github - integrated & improved THPs patches for Shiboken and 
* android-python27 - solved the APK bundling issue, created the initial 
Qt Creator Project & provides Android-buildable Python 2.7
* the BlackBerry-Py project - I've used their PySide build instructions 
as a base when making the Android build scripts
* the Necessitas project - made Qt on Android possible & provides the 
Necessitas Qt Creator
* Qt - provided the GUI toolkit :)
* PySide - provided the Python-Qt bindings
* Ineans Qt Components - provided the Qt Components used in the example 
application & project

Thanks a lot, without your work, this would not be possible ! :)

Kind regards
Martin Kolman

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