[PySide] PySide evaluation

Aaron Richiger a.richi at bluewin.ch
Wed Feb 20 22:46:21 CET 2013

Dear PySiders!

Many thanks to 82 persons having filled in the PySide evaluation. This 
is quite an impressive number, so the results are quite representative 
and there are at least 82 PySide users out there, this is definitively 
more than "dead":-)!

I finally prepared the results for publishing:

Summary (graphical):

Spreadsheet (raw data):

As you can see, I deleted your names and email addresses to protect your 
data. I still have the original with the names, so if you really want to 
contact somebody, you may ask me (via private email address) for the 
name and I will then contact the requested person to ask whether it is 
okay for him/her that I pass his email address to someone else.

Some interesting facts from the results of the evaluation to start the 

- PySide is mostly used for projects at work by companies
- Intel/ Arm and Linux/ Mac OS X/Windows are the most important 
architectures/ operating systems
- PySide for mobile devices (Android/ Ubuntu phone) are really wanted
- PySide is mostly used for non-game GUI programming because of it's license
- Qt5 support is wanted by almost everybody
- We are willed to donate 10850 dollars in case of a good roadmap (I 
took the middle of your selected ranges to estimate this: 0, 50, 500 and 
1000 dollars)
- 26 developers would like to improve PySide with a total of 16 
person-days per week!
- If we can pay them, they could invest 22 person-days per week!
- A huge majority wants to use Python instead of C++ if they improve 
PySide, BUT: some expert users really recommend to stick with the 
working tool with such a small community instead of introducing new 
things in Python (never change a winning horse:-))

I hope, the results help us to get a better understanding of the users 
and to create a good roadmap for the future. Feel free to discuss the 
results and to publish the two links above (somebody wanted the results 
to be available on the PySide website, so if anybody could insert the 
links there, this would be great).

Looking forward to improve Pyside,

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