[PySide] Qinputdialog

litltbear at gmail.com litltbear at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 22:05:00 CEST 2013

1. I want to get input from a user it will be an integer.  I'm trying
	valueId, ok = QtGui.QInputDialog.getInt(self, 'Values id Dialog', 'Enter Id of the Value', minValue=0)
and it always show a spin box.  How do i remove the spin box.

2. When I display the int I use:
	item_0 = QtGui.QTreeWidgetItem(self.ValuesTree)
	item_0.setText(0, str(value.valueId))
	Is there a way to display int's to the screen as nit's so they can be sorted/displayed in numerical order?

ie 11, 12, 104
 not 104, 11, 12.


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