[PySide] Sprint: list of manageable bugs

John Ehresman jpe at wingware.com
Fri Jun 28 16:49:53 CEST 2013

I made a quick pass through the bugs for PySide and pulled out the 
following bugs as being fixable without a global understanding of PySide 
(I hope).  Some of the bugs may really be Qt bugs / behaviors that the 
reporter didn't understand or may no longer be valid; I didn't go back 
and verify the bugs.

Unfortunately not all of these bugs are "easy" bugs, so ask if you have 
trouble figuring out how things work.  If you want to start looking at 
something, please mention it on IRC and then when you have a sense you 
can fix it, I can assign you the bug in the tracker.

A note on patches to PySide: because it is a Qt project, all patches 
must be submitted via https://codereview.qt-project.org/ and you'll need 
to agree to a contributor agreement.  This is relatively easy to do and 
we can help you with this process.



https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-100 : __future__ 
unicode_literals breaks tr()

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-40 : Overriding readData 
in QIODevice subclass returns incorrect result

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-170 : 
QMimeData.setData(const QString & mimeType, const QByteArray & data) 
fails to reject QString 2nd param

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-153 : Bad return type 
for QtGui.QWidget.winId() on Windows 32

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-19 : 
QtGui.QAction.setShortcut parameters are wrongly restricted

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-20 : text alignment lost 
from QAbstractItemModel.data overrides

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-156 : 
QFontDatabase.addApplicationFont crashes

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-155 : Program crashes 
when calling the QTime.isValid() method

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-131 : pyside tr() does 
not support inheritance

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-106 : fixup in Validator 
does not replace value in lineEdit

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-25 : segfault in 

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-52 : QImage modifies 
supposedly immutable strings

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-73 : 
QTreeWidget.setItemWidget does not work

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-75 : Passing list with 
unicode in it to QApplication will result in a segfault

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-74 : Testing if a 
QTreeWidgetItem belongs to a list raises a NotImplementedError

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/PYSIDE-68 : PyQt4 regression: 
unbound signals do not provide __get__

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