[PySide] PySide Digest, Vol 14, Issue 18

Sergio Pulgarín serpulga at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 17:11:04 CET 2013

Hi, I might be late to the discussion here, but I would like to
share my thoughts anyways.
It is no secret that PySide and PyQt4 are highly compatible
with each other; with a few modifications you can port back
and forth easly, and even create cross-compatible sources.
So basically, at a end user level, there are no (or a few) arguments
to chose one or the other. The real advantage the PySide has over
PyQt4 are the licensing options. PySide has the LGPL option, while
PyQt4 only GPL, last time I checked. I think this alone, makes people
want to use/port to PySide.
Another potential advantage is PySide's visibility through the Qt-Project,
which I don't think it's exploited at its potential.

About being included in the Python standard library, I agree that it's not
a viable option, however, I don't think that PySide needs to be in the
in order for it to be the defacto GUI toolkit for Python, it needs to
install easily across OSs and distros, be well documented, be active
as a project, have a newbie friendly community, etc.

Finally, I would like to mention GitHub. GitHub currently has a huge
momentum, and PySide can take advantage of that, to gain activeness and
user contribution.

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