[PySide] inter-object communications

Henry Gomersall heng at cantab.net
Fri Nov 8 16:28:05 CET 2013

This is a conceptual question, which I'm sure someone more well versed 
with Qt can answer.

Is *all* inter-object communication within Qt handled through the 
signal-slot mechanism?

Is this what allows PySide to extend classes from within Python and 
still have them function correctly within the broader framework (as the 
python methods simply need to handle signals properly)? (is this even 
generally true?).

I've been playing around with cwrap (a not-yet-complete tool to generate 
cython definition files) and libclang in the context of seeing how much 
cython+libclang+some templating could generate the vast bulk of wrapping 
a library (in this case Qt, which seemed like a good end target!). 
Clearly, there are issues if one wants the python objects to be passed 
around as though they are first class citizens in the class heirarchy 
(though I'm sure hacks can be used). It was from this that I posited 
that Qt sidesteps this by objects never actually calling methods on one 
another, but instead delegating everything to the signal/slot framework. 
Is this a fair assessment?



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