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Roman Lacko backup.rlacko at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 09:27:48 CET 2013

Hi Sean,

thanks for the hard work you spend on this.

I will upload the docs to readthedocs server.


2013/11/26 Sean Fisk <sean at seanfisk.com>

> Hello PySiders!
> After a monumental struggle I was able to achieve the goal of building the
> PySide and Shiboken 1.2.1 API docs. Following in the footsteps of those
> before me, I’ve uploaded them to Github Pages<http://seanfisk.github.io/pyside-docs/>for use by the community. I’ve also created tarballs of the documentation
> available for download.
> I’ve gathered the build process into a Bash script which is available in this
> Github repo <https://github.com/seanfisk/pyside-docs>. I’ve tested it on
> Mac OS X and CentOS, and it should work on most UNIX-like systems. If
> anyone wants to hack on it, let me know if you have questions.
> During the build process, I stumbled upon a couple things:
>    - qdoc3 from Qt 4.6 is needed to build API docs for PySide. This is
>    because WebXML support was buggy in Qt 4.7 and dropped in Qt 4.8, and
>    Shiboken uses this to generate the docs (thanks Roman Lacko). This is very
>    annoying because parts of Qt 4.6 must be configured and built for qdoc3to build correctly.
>    - Shiboken has a documented --documentation-only flag but refuses to
>    actually accept it. But Shiboken doesn’t tell you which option was invalid,
>    only that it was “called with the wrong arguments.” This is annoying but
>    seems like it has an easy fix.
> The documentation build process is little convoluted in general. Some of
> these issues seem like they are out of the hands of PySide, though.
> I hope these docs are able to help somebody out there!
> Thanks,
> --
> Sean Fisk
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