[PySide] QNetworkAccessManager : server closed some connections prematurely

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Wed Dec 3 16:48:57 CET 2014

* iMath <2281570025 at qq.com> [2014-12-02 11:20:57 +0800]:
> I made 24 requests to the network through QNetworkAccessManager::get() by a for-loop,after a few minutes later,the remote server closed some connections prematurely  before the entire reply was received and processed,then the queued/pending download tasks cannot be done,
> so is there any anyway to allow me download all the files  these links direct to without letting the server closed some connections prematurely ?
> [...]

I already said the same on the PyQt-mailinglist, but I'll repeat it
here as well for the record:

- This might be a server problem, not a Qt problem
- If not, this is a Qt problem, not a PyQt problem
- Without seeing code it's hard if someone wants to help you anyways.

My guess would be you somehow open all connections and then read them
to disk one-by-one, and get a timeout. But as said, show code.

Really, again: Nobody wants to guess for you. Even more so if you're
asking in the wrong place. There might be people (like me!) who still
want to help - but we can't read your mind.


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