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of course ,that's just an example .
what I want to do is to get the direct url of a few URLs having redirections ,it would be better if this could be done asynchronously .
Currently ,I am using concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor , Requests ,and QThread(for executing asynchronously ,not freeze the interface) to achieve it.

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On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 12:07 AM, iMath <2281570025 at qq.com> wrote:
I think the user interface shouldn't be freezed when using concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor here, but it doesn't meet my expectations,anyone can explain why ? any other solutions here to not let user interface freezed?‍

code is here

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It appears: concurrent.futures.as_completed yields futures as they complete, so the main thread is blocked as it loops over this until all the futures have completed.

You could use Qt's QNetworkAccessManager / QNetworkRequest, or perhaps you want something like scrapy if you're trying to crawl websites (could probably be integrated with a Qt app using qt4reactor)

What are you building?

- MH
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