[PySide] can time.sleep(secs) suspend QNetworkAccessManager does request asynchronously?

iMath 2281570025 at qq.com
Sun Dec 21 15:56:42 CET 2014

while QNetworkAccessManager can do requests asynchronously, and time.sleep(secs) can suspend execution for the given number of seconds, then I was confused by the following code,does t2 here always greater then 10s here?

Regardless the affecting factors for time.sleep(secs) mentioned in Python document , and suppose the time from sending request to getting the result without time.sleep(10) in the code here ,i.e. the finished slot getWebPageSRC was called is fixed,equals 3s.

P.S. I have tested a few times , found t2 always greater then 10s, anyone can explain why ?‍

the question also posted here 
    reply.finished.connect(self.getWebPageSRC)     self.t=time.clock()     time.sleep(10) def getWebPageSRC(self):     t2=time.clock()-self.t     print(t2)
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