[PySide] A bug in the work of QKeySequence in Python 3.4

Evgeny Prilepin esp.home at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 14:21:10 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I have detected a bug in the work of QKeySequence class in Python 3.4. I 
have found this bug only in PySide. As for PyQt4, there is no such a bug 
in it.

The problem is in the wrong interpretation of key sequence that includes 
such modifier combinations as  "Ctrl+Shift", "Ctrl+Alt", "Shift+Alt", 
"Ctrl+Shift+Alt". It should be noted that key sequence is interpreted 
differently by x86 and x64 interpreters. Key sequences with only one 
modifier Ctrl, Shift, Alt are interpreted correctly.

Here is an example:
 >>> seq = QtGui.QKeySequence(QtCore.Qt.CTRL + QtCore.Qt.SHIFT + 

PySide interprets this key sequence as "L" in x86 version and as "K" in 
x64 version:

 >>> seq.toString()

Key sequences that include only Ctrl or only Shift are interpreted 

 >>> seq = QtGui.QKeySequence(QtCore.Qt.CTRL + QtCore.Qt.Key_J)
 >>> seq.toString()

 >>> seq = QtGui.QKeySequence(QtCore.Qt.SHIFT + QtCore.Qt.Key_J)
 >>> seq.toString()

I repeat once again that this bug has been detected only in PySide and 
only in Python 3.4

Software and its environment:
- Windows 7 x64
- Python 3.4 x86/x64
- PySide 1.2.2 (из PyPI wheels)


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