[PySide] On Webkit

Kaveh Shahbazian kaveh.shahbazian at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 22:56:34 CET 2014

When will the Webkit engine be updated? Or rather is such a thing part of
the roadmap?

I am developing a desktop html5 app (currently windows (down to xp) but I
need it at least on osx too) and after investigating a rather long list
(according to the spent time and effort; some like​
​ node-webkit, awesomium, air, tidesdk, ​
​spectre, ...) I have succeeded to compile use Python + CEFPython +
PyInstaller with some hurdles (C# developer, no Python background)​
​ but actual result.

One friend advised for taking a look at PySide; and I can say It's demos on
Windows look awesome! But maaaaaa! It's Webkit html5 score is 220!​

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