[PySide] Issue with QStandardItemModel, QSortFilterProxyModel and fetchMore

Tony Barbieri greatrgb at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 16:40:22 CET 2014


I have a QTreeView which I am populating using a QStandardItemModel.  I
also have data that needs to only be queried once a certain level of the
tree is accessed.  I am using the fetchMore method and it appears to work

Unfortunately once I add in QSortFilterProxyModel, there are extra empty
items being added to the tree.  I'm not sure where it's coming from or how
I can avoid it.  Below is the fetchMore method I'm using.  I appreciate any

def fetchMore(self, index)
        parent = self.itemFromIndex(index)

        self.beginInsertRows(index, 0, len(sg_data))
        for item in sg_data:

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