[PySide] Translating 4-bytes unicode symbols from cpp to python

Sergey A. Komissarov sergey.komissarov at datadvance.net
Mon Nov 10 16:05:33 CET 2014


We have 64bit linux cpp application with embeded python and pyside. Recently we encountered problem with more than 2-bytes long unicode symbols:

>from PySide import QtCore
>QtCore.QUrl(u"\U0001F431").toString() # using u"\uD83D\uDC31" instead of u"\U0001F431" leads to the same result
>u'\U0001f431\u7f74' # 2 symbols string instead of one

last symbol is different each application run (it's some randomly filled memory).
our exact environment is python 2.7.7 with Py_UNICODE_SIZE = 2, pyside 1.1.2 and qt 4.8.3 where sizeof(wchar_t) = 4.

Look in the QString converter-function at PySide/QtCore/typesystem_core_common.xml:195
The source of problem is QString::toWCharArray function, which traslates 2 characters QString into single character wchar_t array and python PyUnicode_FromWideChar doesn't set proper unicode string length to resulting object when argument array have internal zeros. I attached patch which seems to fix this problem.

If patch is not appropriate could someone tell me how to fix this properly?
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