[PySide] Python bindings generation

Alexandre alexandre.gauthier-foichat at inria.fr
Wed Oct 22 14:29:08 CEST 2014

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your quick answer.
Indeed with the wrapper around global functions I could make it work!;)

However I still don’t understand one thing:

If I supplied the a conversion for std::list and for std::string, do I need to also provide a conversion for std::list<std::string> ?

My function signature is the following:

inline std::list<std::string>
   // Code logic

 I’m declaring it in the type system this way:
<function signature="getPluginIDs()"/>

std::list and std::string conversion are declared as told in the previous mail. 
The generated code by Shiboken looks like this, with empty functions:

// C++ to Python conversion for type 'std::list<std::string >'.
static PyObject* std_list_std_string__CppToPython_std_list_std_string_(const void* cppIn) {
    ::std::list<std::string >& cppInRef = *((::std::list<std::string >*)cppIn);

static void std_list_std_string__PythonToCpp_std_list_std_string_(PyObject* pyIn, void* cppOut) {
    ::std::list<std::string >& cppOutRef = *((::std::list<std::string >*)cppOut);


And I get the following warning:
insert-template referring to non-existing template 'stdListToPyList'
Any clue on what might cause this ?

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