[PySide] PySide 2.0.0.dev0 build issue

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 2 22:51:11 CEST 2015

Hi, all!  I am attempting to build (current) PySide v2.0.0.dev0 within the 
following environment:

        Python: 2.7.9 64-bit
Visual Studio: 2013 Update 4 64-bit (VC/bin/amd64/vcvars64.bat)
       OpenSSL: 1.0.1h 64-bit
            Qt: 5.4.2 64-bit (shared)

I have cloned pyside-setup2/, and within that folder I am running the 
following command:

     python setup.py build --qmake=Q:\Qt\5.4.2\64_dll\bin\qmake.exe 
--openssl=E:\openssl_64_dll\bin --jom --jobs=4

This build ultimately encounters the error:

     [100%] Built target shibokenmodule
     Generating Shiboken documentation shiboken...
     Running process: E:\jom_1_0_16\jom.exe doc
     Error: Target doc doesn't exist.
     error: Error generating documentation shiboken

On the off chance that the problem involves using jom, I removed that (so it 
uses nmake instead) and encountered:

     Linking CXX shared module ..\QtCore.pyd
        Creating library QtCore.lib and object QtCore.exp

     qtcore_module_wrapper.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol 
"__declspec(dllimport) public: int __cdecl QString::toWCharArray(unsigned 
short *)const " (__imp_?toWCharArray at QString@@QEBAHPEAG at Z) referenced in 
function "struct _object * __cdecl QStringRef_CppToPython_QStringRef(void 
const *)" (?QStringRef_CppToPython_QStringRef@@YAPEAU_object@@PEBX at Z)

     ..\QtCore.pyd : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

I understand this is development, and may well be broken at the moment, but I 
wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong on my end.

Thanks for any help.

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