[PySide] Differences between PySide 1.2.4 on Mac OS X and Pyside 1.2.2 on Ubuntu Linux?

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 02:59:46 CET 2016


I'm seeing different behavior between the two OS with coordinates and
full screen.  The code queries the OS for the screen dimensions and
then expands occupy the full screen.

On Linux my code draws a circle on the background in the center of the
screen occupying most of the screen, and then draws eight squares
symmetrically around it. It also places a smaller circle in the center
as a graphics item. This item is immobile.

On Mac OS X the same code draws a much smaller background circle in
the center of the screen, and all eight squares are placed on top of
each other -- or only one square is drawn, but I'm pretty certain it's
the former.

On Linux a second mobile graphics item stops moving when I hit the
edge of the screen. The two circles stay put.
On Mac OS X the same code causes scroll bars to appear as the mobile
graphics item hits the walls (and the tiny circles start moving in the
opposite direction from the moving graphics item as soon as one starts
to move it. So that means the... view? is moving as well as the mobile
graphics item. It's stationary on Linux.)

Can anyone clue me into what might be wrong?

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