[PySide] PySide and py2app on a Mac OS X system.

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 18:03:21 CET 2016

I've been developing my PySide stuff on a Linux box, and happily
starting it from the command line.  Things have been working fairly
well for months, barring a recent change that caused a dialog to be
closed too soon -- now corrected.

However, when I moved to the Mac, and bundled stuff up as a .app/
directory tree using py2app, I had a minor glitch which has now become
even more annoying:

I have docked my icon for starting my app. When clicked, it opens the
first dialog which as a button that should open a second dialog. On
Linux, it does. On the Mac, one must go to the dock bar and click the
icon a second time to get the second dialog to show. (There's a dot on
the dock icon indicating the code is "already running" when clicked
the second time.)

It has now become more annoying, because of my recent understanding
(or misunderstanding) of garbage collection problems. Instead of
merely closing the original dialog, I issue a .hide().  Well, it does
not appear to hide. Worse yet, moving to the dock bar no longer causes
the dock bar to un-hide so that I can click the icon a second time to
launch the second dialog. Instead, I have to click on some other app,
then move to the now-unhiding dock bar, then click the icon a second

What am I doing wrong?  (Probably a lot, but what are the most obvious
candidates for fixing the immediate problem?)


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