[PySide] QShortcut suppressed by parent widget?

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Thanks.  Got it all working with actions now. Much nicer that way indeed. Onto the next challenge... 
Cheers, Frank

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Hey, Sorry forgot to mention to ambiguous shortcuts. :)Also note that actions added to the widgets will also show up in the widgets context menu.http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/qwidget.html#addAction In general, I prefer using action where ever it is possible. They are very well support all around and give me a nice separation from the visuals. Tibold KandraiSoftware Architect & Engineer From: Frank Rueter | OHUfx [mailto:frank at ohufx.com] 
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To: Tibold Kandrai <kandraitibold at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [PySide] QShortcut suppressed by parent widget? Ah, much nicer, thanks.
Though I am getting this at the moment:
    QAction::eventFilter: Ambiguous shortcut overload: I

Will investigate further.
Thanks Tibold.


On 07/11/2016 07:42 PM, Tibold Kandrai wrote:Hey, You could use actions:https://gist.github.com/tibold/7451adb89c41c3718148168cee191ac3 Tibold KandraiSoftware Architect & Engineer From: PySide [mailto:pyside-bounces+kandraitibold=gmail.com at qt-project.org] On Behalf Of Frank Rueter | OHUfx
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Subject: Re: [PySide] QShortcut suppressed by parent widget? Thanks, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.On 07/11/2016 07:13 PM, Alexey Vihorev wrote:self.shortcut = QtGui.QShortcut(self, context=QtCore.Qt.WidgetShortcut)The context. In your case IMO it should be QtCore.Qt.WindowShortcut. More here 2016-07-11 9:30 GMT+03:00 Frank Rueter | OHUfx <frank at ohufx.com>:Hi all,

below is some test code that shows the problem I'm having, where a shortcut assigned to a child widget will not be triggered once it's part of the main widget.
It works if the widget is called by itself but not when it's part of a parent widget.

I have been searching the internet for an solution but haven't had any luck.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?


import sys
from PySide import QtGui, QtCore

class MainWidget(QtGui.QWidget):
    def __init__(self, parent=None):
        super(MainWidget, self).__init__(parent)
    def makeUI(self):
        self.layout = QtGui.QHBoxLayout()
        sw1 = SubWidget('test1')
        sw2 = SubWidget('test2')
        sw3 = SubWidget('test3')

class SubWidget(QtGui.QLabel):
    def __init__(self, text, parent=None):
        super(SubWidget, self).__init__(parent)
        self.shortcut = QtGui.QShortcut(self, context=QtCore.Qt.WidgetShortcut)

    def showInfoWidget(self, text):
        print 'showing info for', self.text()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = QtGui.QApplication([])
    w = MainWidget()

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