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> On 5 February 2017 at 04:01, Tony Benoy <tonybenoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is there any update?
> I would be interested too, to hear about the current status. For now the only
> way to get an idea is to look at the git log and the bug tracker and the weekly
> "technical" progress log at
> http://wiki.qt.io/PySide2 (thanks for keeping that one up-to-date).
> Could someone provide a quick status (in words, not git hash or JIRA ref)? eg.,
> how mature has PySide2 became, how far from "feature complete", any ETA for
> a technology preview, online doc deployment on doc.qt.io, ...

We are trying to get Pyside integrated into our automated testing infrastructure. Essentially we want every patch to go through the tests before they are accepted into the repository. That's a practise we use in Qt too. This task is bigger than we anticipated and will still take some time.

The second task is to replace the shiboken parser. The old parser is not C++11 ready. Since Qt 5.6 is the last non-C++11 release of Qt, Pyside is currently stuck on this Qt version. We aim to replace the shiboken parser with the clang parser. This is a large task and will take a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, we have investigated the QML support in Pyside. There were quite a few issues which prevented corner cases to not work. This task was recently concluded. In the past we also fixed a lot of bugs bugs. If you find a bug please file it under 


The Pyside 2 bugs are tracked under the "dev" version tag.

Apart from that the mentioned progress log on http://wiki.qt.io/PySide2 is indeed the best update channel.


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