[PySide] error when trying to emit custom object via QObject.Signal

Frank Rueter | OHUfx frank at ohufx.com
Mon Aug 27 11:13:45 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I am trying to emit a custom object via QObject.Signal from inside a 
The object I am trying to emit throws this error:

    TypeError: Value types used on meta functions (including signals)
    need to be registered on meta type: /NameSpace:://NameSpace/::Clip

I tried to trick it by creating a wrapper class like so

|class NodeItem(QtCore.QObject): def __init__(self, node, clip): 
QtCore.QObject.__init__(self) self.node = node self.clip = clip |

But that crashes the app when I try to emit it from a QRunnable, even 
though it works i the main thread.

I have tried to find information on how to register meta types but cn 
only find C++ info about Q_DECLARE_METATYPE.
This does not seem to exist in Python land though?!

Does anybody have any ideas? I’m kinda stuck with this one.



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