[PySide] Start work with PySide2

אילן הינדי hindy.ilan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 07:55:08 CEST 2018

Dear members

I am moving from PyQt to PySide.

I managed to install and operate

My questions are:

Do you have intentions to be part of anaconda?

Do you have something like the pyuic5 (That allows using the qt designer)?

More critical:

Do you have/can recommend for a tool to migrate code from Qt C++ to PySide2

(My aim is to be able to use the examples Qt has, for learning)

Is there a forum or other organized way to ask technical questions about
PySide2 (Lacking this opportunity is one the main reasons I quitted PyQt)?



Ilan Hindy
e-mail : Hindy.Ilan at gmail.com
celular : +972-54-4292112
home : +972-9-9570521
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