[PySide] Start work with PySide2

Cristián Maureira-Fredes Cristian.Maureira-Fredes at qt.io
Thu Jul 26 10:33:25 CEST 2018

Hello Ilan,

I think the community will be in charge of packaging PySide2
to anaconda, but it seems they have an old version of Qt,
so at the moment it would be quite difficult.

When you install PySide2 there is a submodule called "pyside2-tools"
when you can find "pyside2-uic" to generate a Python class from a UI file.

I personally migrate Qt/C++ by hand,
you can write the same classes in Python using the private variables
from the header files as 'self' python variables,
then just adapting the code. The good thing is that of course we also
keep Qt API, so most of the steps will be removing data types
and removing semi colons.
Most of the PySide2 examples are manually written from Qt/C++
so you can probably do it too.

For technical questions I recommend you to go to the IRC
channel on Freenode #qt-pyside
If you don't like IRC, there is a gitter channel that links
to IRC, and as Florian stated, there are many other
places for you to ask questions:


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Dear members
I am moving from PyQt to PySide.
I managed to install and operate
My questions are:
Do you have intentions to be part of anaconda?
Do you have something like the pyuic5 (That allows using the qt designer)?
More critical:
Do you have/can recommend for a tool to migrate code from Qt C++ to PySide2 python?
(My aim is to be able to use the examples Qt has, for learning)
Is there a forum or other organized way to ask technical questions about PySide2 (Lacking this opportunity is one the main reasons I quitted PyQt)?

Ilan Hindy
e-mail : Hindy.Ilan at gmail.com<mailto:Hindy.Ilan at gmail.com>
celular : +972-54-4292112
home : +972-9-9570521

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