[PySide] Weekly update 26.07.2018

Cristián Maureira-Fredes Cristian.Maureira-Fredes at qt.io
Thu Jul 26 16:37:46 CEST 2018


I would like to share with you a summary for the last three
meetings we had:


* There has been a lot of work on Shiboken, improving
their functionality and also fixing bugs.
* The compatibility development with the future Qt 5.12
already started, since we need to make sure the binding
generation process is not being affected.
* A couple of patches were included into our code base
to be compatible with Python 3.7
* There is effort on providing .pyi files to be compatible
with many IDEs to have type hints.


* We are preparing everything for 5.11.1 release.
* Qt for Python is available in PyPi:
     * http://blog.qt.io/blog/2018/07/17/qt-python-available-pypi/
* We have a few considerations for the release of 5.12
     * PySide2
         * Mainly focusing on bug fixing.
         * Mitigate all the issues regarding QVariant.
         * Improve secondary modules (QML, QtCharts, Qt3D)
         * Better NumPy integration.
     * Shiboken2
         * Template support for custom binding generation.
     * Splitting PySide2, Shiboken2 (Module) and Shiboken2 (Generator)
         * This will happen just at the level of wheel packages,
         not the repository.
         * Having a separate shiboken2 package will simplify the
         generation of custom bindings for 3rd party libraries.
         * Additionally, we can go deeper and provide separate
         the PySide2 wheels into Qt-modules subsets
         (e.g.: Having a wheel with only QtCore, QtGui and QtWidgets)
* The mobile integration (Androd, iOS) is not a priority at the moment,
but it is part of our future nice-to-have features.


* 5.11.1 will be released soon.
* We had some performance issues with QTableWidget and after a lot of
discussion and research we managed to improve our bindings performance:
* There has been a lot of development regarding the proper
functionality of Shiboken2 attributes:
* You can see a detailed explanation on how the modularization
of PySide2/Shiboken2 is being done:
* A new research topic has been started:
     * Allow users to write QtCreator plugins with PySide2
     * First steps are generating a few bindings for QtCreator
     * Additionally, we have been able to run 3rdparty scripts
     interacting directly with QtCreator.

If you have questions or comments,
we encourage you to follow the discussion in our mailing list
or in our IRC channel.


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