[PySide] PySide2/QWebEngineVew crashing when run through PyInstaller on Windows

Israel Brewster ijbrewster at alaska.edu
Fri Apr 19 23:10:01 CEST 2019

I have an application that uses PySide2 and has a QWebEngineView as one of its widgets. It works fine when run normally, however once packaged using PyInstaller, the QWebEngineView does not work - even with the most basic code possible. By connecting to the renderProcessTerminated signal, I have determined that the issue is apparently that the render process is crashing, with an exit code of -2147483645. This happens even if all I do is a) create a QWebEngineView, and b) show it, without trying to set HTML, URL or anything.

The problem is that other than that signal being fired with the CrashedTerminationStatus and the exit code, the crash doesn’t leave any footprints that I can find. No error messages are displayed on the command line that I launched it from, and from what I can tell the renderProcessTerminated signal doesn’t give access to any information other than the code (which means nothing to me) and the fact that it crashed. So how might I go about debugging this issue? The most likely culprit to my mind seems to be a missing DLL, but since there is no error, I have no idea what…

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