[PySide] PySide2 + QML + FBO (QQuickFramebufferObject) segfault

Serge K. skab12 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 21:21:01 CET 2019

Hi All,

I try to use QQuickFramebufferObject as explain here
it generates a segfault, unfortunately.  You can see a small example on the
following gist:

I think one of the 3 functions of "QQuickFramebufferObject.Renderer" is not
properly implemented in PySide2 and can not be overridden at the moment.

- createFrameBufferObject(self, size)
- render () (is called when something changes)
- synchronize(self, item) (called as a result of

Can you confirm that this is the problem?

Thank you,

Serge K.
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