[PySide] Packaging PySide2 for Fedora

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 14:43:25 CET 2019

I'm working on packaging PySide2 for Fedora as a dependency for the latest
release of the FreeCAD project. I admit I have no experience using the
tools themselves directly which is why I'm reaching out here for help.

The current state (or saga rather) of the packages can be seen here:


and here:


Basically I need to be able to use the --root option during install because
all packages are built in packaged using a buildroot as a normal user (not

Other issues are that I'm not exactly sure how to separate the installed
files between what is needed when you're building a package, and what is
needed only during runtime (outside of the main PySide2 package).

Is the shiboken2 binary the only consumer of its respective python module?
Or is it also needed during runtime?

Also, the headers and examples pretty obviously go in the -devel package,
but what about the "support" directory?

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