[PySide] Building pyside2 from source on Linux

Stephen Morris stephen.morris at silvaco.com
Fri May 24 17:07:46 CEST 2019

I've been trying to build from source in Linux (CentOS 7), following the instructions from https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_for_Python/GettingStarted/X11, but have encountered some very unexpected errors.

Initially the compilation failed at line 1585 of sources/shiboken2/ApiGenerator/abstractmetabuilder.cpp.

The line here is

    const QSet<QString> enumsDeclarationSet(enumsDeclarations.cbegin(), enumsDeclarations.cend());

...which can't possibly compile, because QSet's only non-default constructor takes a std::initializer_list of type T (in this case QString), not a pair of iterators.

I changed it to

    const QSet<QString> enumsDeclarationSet({enumsDeclarations.first(), enumsDeclarations.last()});

...and it got past this point, only to fail with a segfault from within Shiboken 63% of the way through the calculation.

I've tried the compilation with gcc v. 4.8.5 and 8.2.1, and see the same behaviour in both cases.

Am I doing something wrong?
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